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Celebrating 2014!

on Monday, 10 March 2014 12:56.

On 10 November the 2014 expedition teams returned to Jeffrey’s bay to complete the last leg of their one-year journey with a time of reflecting on and celebrating all that Father revealed to them and established in them on their exploits around the world.

 We kicked off our debrief time with sharing stories of how teams experienced God’s heart for them and for the nations. We were encouraged by His faithfulness and passionate pursuit of people’s hearts in stories of fishermen being reconciled with their creator at the sea of Galilee, of healing that followed radical obedience and stories that revealed the glory of Jesus when we come broken before Him. These and many more stories left us in awe of our King and we celebrate Him and the privilege of being a part of a worldwide family that reaches into every nation.  

Our second week found us unpacking some of the truths that we had learned about God’s Kingdom, discipleship and community and exploring how these truths will be implemented in day-to-day living as our challengers move into their next chapter. Whether workplace, university or full time work with churches, we trust that all that Father has established within them, they will begin to walk out wherever they go and continue to discover the adventure, that is following Jesus, wherever He will send them.  


Urgent response to Syria

on Monday, 20 January 2014 16:37.

Syrian womenThe Syrian civil war started in 2011 and up to date 6 million people has been displaced either in or around Syria. A civil war has the ability to destroy a country not only physically, but also emotionally.

God is using this humanitarian crisis to open hearts that are hungry and thirsty for the truth. This window of openness will only last for a limited time period. Along with the body of Christ, we need to respond urgently to this opportunity.

As an organization we have been drawn toward this war torn area and in response we sent out a family who will be part of a team, working and living in Jordan. The short term team we will be linking up with the local Jordanians and reaching out to Syrian refugees - listening to their stories and getting to know a broken nation. We will be doing house visits and distributing necessities while drinking tea and spreading the hope and love that Jesus brings. There is also a big need for school teachers and therapist as we have the opportunity to reach out the children with Cerebral Palsy (CP).


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