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    Your Way

    "Adventure, with all it's requisite danger and wildness,
    is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man." - J Eldredge

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    Join us on an adventure and bring hope
    to the children of Phuket - Thailand

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    A Life Like
    No Other

    Share the Good News to a world in need. Join us.

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On Global Challenge there will be opportunities for you to serve, pray, love, share, witness and impact lives. More than this, your life and the way you look at life will change. Expect to be challenged beyond every boundary you have set for yourself and believe that God has a bigger and greater purpose for you.

Enter this journey with a longing and searching heart - a heart set on God. Invite Him to do in you this year whatever pleases Him. May God give you grace and strength for what lies ahead and may you experience joy as never before.

Anna-Marie Franken International Director


There was shouting, then shots were fired. Fear crept in and hysteria overwhelmed. Screams came from everywhere. There was no time to think. All that kicked in was a sudden urge to run- run fast and run far. Straggling across harsh bushland; pushed along south by a vast current of humanity. There was no sign of brother, sister, mother or father. And there was no way of going back to a desolate, burned down, village.


Country of ministry


When is the journey?

29 November 2017 - 13 December 2017

More information

Calling all the 35+ adventuresrs out there!! Do you have a heart for children?  Especially children who live without HOPE and a FUTURE?

In Phuket, Thailand, there is a group of people who are involved in 5 different projects that aim to give children from the poor areas just that…..hope for a brighter future. Through the work done by Roelien Muller and her Thai colleagues of the Asia Center Foundation (ACF) the lives of many at-risk children are changed. ACF runs a child care center, a safe house, a rugby development program, a learning center, a scholarship program and they are currently building a new school.

Since ACF was started in 2002, many ordinary people got involved by volunteering their time and effort, their skills and talents. What better way to get involved in God’s work in the nations than going to Thailand to assist them in any way we can.

As the body we want to reach out to our family in practical ways, and encourage them!

Join us in taking a step into being vessels, being His hand and feet, His arms and voice. No matter how unable you might feel, Jesus will move your heart and use you in unimaginable ways to bless the staff and children of ACF. 

And there is no doubt that you will leave these places filled with a holy fire to see God's Kingdom come everywhere in the nations!

 Where does the journey start and end?

The journey will start and end in Pretoria, South Africa and participants will have to make their own way to Pretoria for the start of the journey.

Who can apply?

* All above 35 – the idea is to give “older” Christians with a heart for the nations a chance to experience reaching out to people in a different part of the globe by becoming part of their journey.

*All nationalities are welcome

How much does it cost?
R14 900

What is included in the price?
The above costs include all expenses for your entire journey: travel, flights, food, lodging, ministry expenses and all other planned activities.

It does not, however, include travel to and from the start and end of the journey, insurance, visa costs, communications, entry into unplanned sights, spending money, etc.

Global Challenge Expeditions encourages a lifestyle of simplicity and participants will have to be willing to in every situation choose the cheapest way of transport, accommodation, etc.

How do I apply?
Applications will open in June 2017.

* Step 1 Complete the Quick App below
* Step 2 Submit Application
* Step 3 Give time for us to respond to your application

One of our staff will assist and guide you through the rest of the application process.

Once you have been accepted into the selection process you will have to fill in a longer Second Application and also pay a non-refundable admin-fee of R200.

Closing date for applications
30 October 2017.

For more information about this expedition, please feel free to contact us.

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