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GCEX is a Faith based initiative that taps into the energy of young people, the desire to travel, the natural need to know, explore, and experiment.  It addresses our inherent need to risk, live on the edge, explore the unknown and discover our Creator.  

The journey serves as a wineskin to discover God and live beyond yourself.  This is the opportunity of a life time!  One where you will live the extreme or extraordinary and push the boundries and limitations set by the natural progression of life. Crazy? Yes, but Godly.  

The inherent travel bug is exploited.  Here, a generation called by God learns how to reflect on what’s really meaningful in life.  They are afforded the opportunity to grow in loving the Lord, being rooted in faith and being built in character to become servant leaders. Hands-on learning takes place out in the open and on the go, experiential and far from the institutional lecture hall.  Our team members travel around the world crossing the borders of more than 12 different countries, all in just 10 months!  The Lord is revealed in everyday life and not in theory.  At the core of this modern day pilgrimage is the desire to seek and know the Lord increasingly.

 This is a one year extreme trip, focused on the 20 to 35’s. This is for the seeker to be stretched physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sleeping in a tent in the snow, sitting around a camp fire under the stars, trekking over arid land. It is a space where teams and friendships are forged, where one will face hardship, coming in contact with suffering mankind, and discover how this fits into God's picture.  Read more

Ancient Paths 

 During 11 months of travelling a love, knowledge and understanding for the Word of God is cultivated. His truth will be tested in multiple cultural contexts and a person will leave with a sound foundation and a fresh and intimate experience of Jesus. Read more

Hidden World
Hidden World is an expedition deep into the heart of Latin America.  It is an expedition packed with adventure, mystery, challenges and wonders that encourage you to trust God in a new way.  Volcanoes and rainforests paint the backdrop to these mysteries.  The vibrant Latino culture fill the streets with laughter; the age-old Mayan, Inca and Aztec Amerindians add a sense of depth and colour to the towns.  There is a hidden world that is yet to be unlocked - a world of adventure and surrender, Light and darkness, riches and poverty, bustling cities and forgotten towns. Read more

Explore Africa
Africa, my Africa! The mysterious continent with lost and hidden treasures, lying in front of us like an adventure waiting to happen.

In this place corruption brews in governments, injustice flows through the rifles of child soldiers and poverty strikes the poorest of poor.  Yet, beauty abounds in its sprawling jungles, mighty desert dunes and raging rivers; is evident in the eyes of the humble farmer, the joyful singing of the women and the innocent actions of the local.

Explore Africa aims to raise up sons and daughters of this amazing continent to take their rightful place as humble servant leaders.  Leaders that will face the challenges of Africa head on.

Come with us on a journey that discovers the richness of a continent.
It’s time to Explore Africa! Read more

Are you a man with a heart for the nations?  A man with a heart to serve a world in need?  Are you ready to rough it?  Ready to travel by faith?  Ready to go all out?

Then Work Your Way is just for you!

Work Your Way is a GCEX initiative that provides young men with the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures but with the added benefit of working to cover some of your travelling expenses. Read more

60 Days, 6 Islands
Come and join us for a jam-packed 60-days to 6 islands!  The focus of this short term journey is to broaden your worldview by exposing you to diverse experiences. It is a high pace, high impact, challenging you beyond your comfort zones as you link up with and serve local missionaries in differnt nations. Read more

Don’t let this opportunity of a life time pass you by!
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