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Do you feel called to embark on a pilgrimage?  Do you feel called to a life of purpose and destiny?

Then come and join our Around the World journey!

We want to see ordinary radicals rise up out of the mediocrity of life, not striving for success or for power in this world but instead stepping into a greater call, a call to explore the mystery of the gospel and in turn live it out at any cost. 

We want to see young people experience radical life change because they meet with THE LIVING GOD. 

We want to see child like wonder released again as we swim in the rivers and seas, climb the mountains, walk through the rain forests and marvel at His incredible creation. 

We don't want to miss the simple joys and adventures of life because we are stuck up and unwilling to embrace the unknown or wholeheartedly scrub a toilet. 

We want to learn to love well, not faking it and not just tolerating people but really learn to get along even when we differ in our point of view and opinion. Embrace the mess and meet Jesus in it.

We want to live simply… content with our backpacks and willing to rest our heads on whichever street corner, bed, pavement, train seat, fellow taxi riders shoulder or pillow that is provided. 

We want to live openly with our shortcomings but willing to accept the challenge of choosing integrity, running away from evil and pursuing right living, Jesus living.

We want to see truth proclaimed, nations changed because we are willing to lay down silly little comforts and ways of doing things that make us inaccessible to the ones that God loves: the broken, the hungry, the homeless, the captive. 

WE want to see fire again, young people filled with the spirit and reckless in obedience, yielded to prayer and intimacy with Jesus and bold in their proclamation of HOPE, LIGHT and LIFE in hearts and places with none. 

The world is our canvas and we trust that through travel, team and an attitude of learning these things will be birthed and cultivated. So we pack our backpacks with the bare essentials, we Ask Jesus Where it is He would like us to Serve and we GO.  We travel by all possible modes of transport to approximately 10-15 different countries in 11 months as a part of team. Team is our family, here we live, share laugh, cry, fight, reconcile, and learn, learn to love well. We live simply connecting with locals in different nations and yield our hands, bodies, voices, talents, personalities and beings to them to in whichever way they choose. Whether it be praying, painting, preaching, singing, sharing, playing with children, you name it we will do our best to do it with a joyful attitude. At the very heart of this is our desire to Meet Jesus, in His Word, in His creation and in His colorful expression of culture and people groups.

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Using every mode of transport available, the Northbound team will crisscross the Northern Hemisphere in eight months.  Starting in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa, they will travel all over Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle-East through more than 12 countries ending in Jeffreys Bay on the 27th of November. 

Possible Itinerary for the Around the World Expedition 

article route aroundtheworld


Who can apply?

* Christians with a heart for the nations
* Eighteen years and older
* All nationalities are welcome
* Individuals as well as married couples
* Enter as an individual or as a team (5 to 6 people)

When is the next Northbound and journey?

The next Around the World journey will start on 10 January 2018.
Participants must be available from 10 January 2018 – 27 November 2018.

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*If the participant is under the age of 18 year when the travel commence, we will need an unabridged birth certificate, an affidavit from the parents giving permission for the minor to travel and certified copies of the parents' identity documents.

Costs involved:
We have sought to respond to the economic differences of our potential students through a sliding scale depending on average income levels of the nation you come from. We have found this to be the fairest way to address economic differences.
We base our charges for GCEX Journeys on our budgeted expenses and by taking into consideration the national average Per Capita Income (PCI) of 208 countries.

These countries are assigned to one of three categories based on the PCI. They are:
Category A – Countries or territories with a PCI between US $0 - $10,000
Category B – Countries or territories with a PCI of more than US $10,000
For a complete list of countries and the category they are assigned to, please contact our office.

The sliding cost scale for participation of Around The World 2018 will be as follows:

Category A country of income - R 89 000.00 (ZAR, Brazil, etc.)
Category B country of income - R 108 000.00 (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

Click here for currency converter

*PCI categories will be allocated according to your country of income in the year prior to your participation.

NOTE: Costs may change without prior notice due to fluctuations in exchange rates. See terms and conditions

The above costs include:
All expenses for your entire journey, like: travel, flight tickets, food, lodging, ministry expenses and all other planned activities.

The above costs do not include:

Travel to and from the start and end of the journey, visas, travel insurance, communications, entry into unplanned sights, spending money, etc.

Global Challenge Expeditions encourages a lifestyle of simplicity and participants will have to be willing to, in every situation, choose the cheapest way of transport, accommodation, etc.

A more complete budget and financial guide will be available to successful candidates.

How do I apply and what happens there after?
* Step 1 - Complete the Quick App below
* Step 2 - Submit Application
* Step 3 - Give time for us to respond to your application

One of our staff members will assist and guide you through the rest of the application process.

Once you have been accepted into the selection process you will have to fill out a longer Second Application and also pay a non-refundable admin-fee of R200.

Successful candidates will receive an Official Members Guide with all the information needed to prepare you for an awesome adventure around the world.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2018 Around The World journey!

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