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Local Challenge - Mobilizing the Church

Local Challenge - Community Upliftment

A Local Challenge in your area will aim to serve the community in their need

LOcal Challenge - Bungi Jump and Adventure

Each Local Challenge is packed with adventure and excitement

LC-Serving each other

We believe that the biggest change comes through building relationships

Be challenged on this high adventure journey to grow in your walk with Christ.

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The aim of the Local Challenge is to give people the opportunity to be introduced to the various needs and projects in their area.

Teams will enter to participate in various tasks against each other. There will also be challenges that will test your physical and mental ability. The size of a team can be between 4 and 6 people.  You can either enter as a bible study group, or a group of friends that is up for a weekend of adventure! There is no age restriction on the entries; we are looking for participants who are up for adventure, who is willing to be stretched and want to have loads of fun...

A Local Challenge can take place over a period of one to four days.

For example: It can start on a Thursday or Friday until the Sunday. Teams will complete a set of snoozer tasks (tasks that can be completed at any given time) and timer tasks (tasks that will be completed at a set time). The weekend is set out to look like the reality T.V show – “The amazing race”.

It will introduce the teams then to needs and projects in their area and also having fun in the meantime.



Be Challenged! Bring change!!

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