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A honest letter to you

Dear friends!

Gratefully God has grown Global Challenge Expeditions from a couple of friends embarking on the first pioneer expedition in 2006 to a fully registered South African Non-Profit Organization.

With this growth in capacity God is also expecting of us to walk worthy of the calling.

As leadership we took a few days to seclude ourselves, fast and pray… and also used these days to evaluate ourselves and again ask God for a clear vision and direction.

We believe God has called us unmistakably to STEP UP!!

Areas where we can no longer compromise in:

  • Our leadership and all participants must commit to God in Raw-Obedience
  • The inward journey / relationship with God
  • Discipline in seeking God, spending time with Him
  • Keep the element of pioneering and faith core to all expeditions
  • Unity and family is central to who we are
  • Focus on equipping and mobilizing leaders
  • Evangelism / Sharing the Good News
  • Ensuring our expeditions / outreaches stretch participants to fully rely on God and not on own insight or resources.
  • We are called to disciple and mobilize the leaders / evangelists / missionaries / etc. of the future


"Bringing in a harvest of souls, serving communities in need and upliftment of poverty stricken people groups will be the lasting fruits of successful implementation of the above."

We are also at a place where we have to acknowledge God’s provision and favour over us up to now!  The way He has provided is truly remarkable and we are so grateful.  One of the things we knew we signed up for is a faith journey… whether back in the office, or out in the field with a team!

As a GCEX family we will have to trust God for His provision.

Currently we almost get no monthly income through donations as an organisation separate from the funds raised by participants… From funds raised by participants only 15% is kept back for administration and setup costs which include the support to teams on the ground.  With the multiplying of expeditions, projects, etc. it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain this support and are we now at a place where we desperately need an additional source of income.

Our Strategy is to raise individuals who will be willing to commit to the above calling and invest in Global Challenge Expeditions as an organization. Through your monthly contribution you will help us to carry the day to day running costs as well as enable us to effectively support the teams on the ground!  Currently all staff is responsible to raise their own monthly income through individual donations and also cover all travel expenses when visiting teams.

We have dedicated a bank account for the purpose of fundraising and you can either set up your own debit orders manually through personal internet banking or make use of our secure online donations page.

Dunette van Aswegen is our in house accountant and any queries will be passed on to her.

Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots) (You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions)

As a registered Non-Profit Organisation we are able to issue an "Article 18 Tax receipts" to South African individuals or businesses who donate to us!  We are more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure all the paperwork gets done.

It was great sharing this with you and thank you for taking the time to read it through!

We invite you to make an investment that will surely pay out over the course of eternity!

Account Name:          Global Challenge    
Account Number:       9206957824
Bank:                            ABSA
Branch Details:           31 Da Gamma Road, Jeffreys Bay, 6330, South Africa
Branch Code:              334515
SWIFT Code:               ABSAZAJJ  (For International Payments)

or donate via our secure online donations page - powered by PayPal

God Bless,

Global Challenge Expeditions - ©2011
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