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1.1 Application Requirements
1.2 Financial Principles
1.3 General Requirements
1.4 Financial Requirements
1.4.1 The cost for all expeditions includes the following
1.4.2 The cost for all expeditions is calculated according to an estimated budget
1.4.3 Method of Payment
1.4.4 Raising Financial Support
1.4.5 Online payments using our International Bank Details
1.4.6 Payments over the counter
1.4.7 Secure Online International Donations via PAYPAL

2.1 How much does it cost to take part in one of the journeys?
2.2 How do we determine the cost of a year journey?
2.3 Project fund year target
2.4 How does the 60% deposit work?
2.5 International Students
2.6 The cost of your journey depends on country of income
2.7 How does the “Cost of Journey” differ in practice?
2.8 What is the Financial Model for money managed in teams?
2.9 How does the financial structure work and what are the different roles?
2.10 What do we do when donations are received on an expedition?





1.1  Application Requirements

Every applicant will undergo a thorough selection process.

To become eligible as a potential participant, applicants need to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete and submit a Quick Application online.
  • Complete and submit the “Second Application Form”.
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of R200.
  • Be willing to participate in an interview (either by phone or in person).
  • Possess a valid passport, which is valid for at least six months after the end of the journey.
  • Make available any additional information or proof thereof, should it be asked.

*Completion of the Second Application Form constitutes an agreement between the applicant and GCEX.

*The selection process may vary for certain applicants according to the discretion of the selection committee.

*Due to a limited number of individuals that can partake in a journey, not all applications will be successful.

Financial Principles

The following principles guide our financial decisions on journeys

- Living with an open hand

That which you sow, you will also reap. The more you give, the more you receive. Take up the challenge to be known as generous givers in the nations, reaching out to those in financial and spiritual need. 

Lifestyle of simplicity

Live simply. Choose not to opt for the most expensive, luxurious option in everyday decisions such as travel, accommodation, food etc. Rather relate to the local community by serving in compassion and living a lifestyle similar to theirs.

 - Financial stewardship

We strive to manage kingdom resources in a Godly manner with integrity and openness, taking care to account in a trustworthy manner that which has been bestowed to us.

        - Principle of saving

Cultivate a habit of saving. Know that he slightest amount saved in the short term can cumulate to larger rewards in the long term.

For His glory

We are called for the expansion of God’s kingdom. Let all our actions therefore be for this sole purpose of bringing Christ glory.

- Team transparency

There will be people from various backgrounds working together in one team. Transparency and sensitivity among members will be necessary in managing finances. No distinction will be made between personal and team money and spending will be subject to team rules.

1.3 General Requirements

Successful candidates must:

  1. Be available for the entire duration of the expedition, including training and debriefing.
  2. Make provision for own travel and medical insurance.
  3. Complete and sign an Indemnity Form.
  4. Arrange and pay for own transport to the start and end of their particular expedition.
  5. Complete the “Supporters Information List” that will be given to you once accepted.
  6. Be in general good health.
  7. Meet the additional requirements specified for each journey, for example: age, belief, etc.
  8. Visa applications are done in Jeffrey’s Bay. Should a visa application be rejected, additional arrangements will be made for the candidate if time permits. The participant will have to cover any additional cost arising from the visa's rejection.

1.4 Financial Requirements

Being a Christian organisation we want to be transparent in our finances and manage it with integrity and thoroughness.

God not only entrusts us with you, but also with your finances and with that comes great responsibility.

To avoid any misinterpretation regarding your expedition please understand the following:

GCEX is not a travel agency. Our aim is to cultivate a safe environment in which you can grow, experience, live, travel and be challenged. You will be challenged financially. The budget for each leg of the journey will be sufficient, but will also limit teams. Teams will have to make decisions regarding money spent on food, travel and lodging. 

We ask therefore that you come with a mentality to save as much as you can and secondly to challenge yourself to a journey of faith. Most of what you save will be given towards contributing to the needs of people you will meet along the expedition.

GCEX travel guidelines are:

“Always choose the cheapest food, cheapest lodging and cheapest travel.”

We encourage a God-seeking lifestyle of simplicity.

1.4.1 The cost for all expeditions includes the following:

 Graph finances 2014

*Please note that the graph above is only estimation and actual costs will vary according to each expedition


-         Flights

-          All means of travel while on your expedition

-          All meals

-          All lodging

-          Personal blog on website

-          Ministry expenses

-       Administration fee

-          Soft-Shell Jacket

-          Setup costs

-          Training and debrief in South Africa

-          Emergency fund

It does NOT include:

-          Visa costs

-          Travel insurance

-          Travel to and from start and end of expedition

-          Pocket money

-          Medical insurance

-          Entrance to unplanned sites

-          R200 application fee

-          Vaccinations

-          Washing of clothes

-          Internet and personal communication

-          Any personal treats

-          A backpack

1.4.2   The cost for all expeditions are calculated according to an estimated budget.

Here follows an example budget for GCX 2012. Your specific expedition budget is available as soon as routes are finalized.

Per Country Budget: Global Challenge 2012 p/person – p/country.

This budget includes three meals per day, budget lodging and all travel other than your World Flight Ticket.







R   1344,00

R168,00 p/d



R     840,00

R168,00 p/d



R   1881,60

R  59,00 p/d



R   2721,60

R  76,00 p/d



R   2415,00

R105,00 p/d



R   1999,20

R  59,00 p/d



R   2604,00

R  84,00 p/d



R   1260,00

R  90,00 p/d



R   3727,50

R  52,50 p/d



R   3360,00

R  84,00 p/d



R   2100,00

R140,00 p/d


309 DAYS

R24 252,90

Some advice

Although it is possible to complete the expedition without any additional funds we advise members to take pocket money on this expedition. An amount of approximately R 300 per month should be more than sufficient for that once a week coffee and new bar of soap. We encourage a lifestyle of simplicity.

In most countries the cost of living is much cheaper than what we are used to. Using your money sensibly will stretch it a long way. Don’t spend unnecessary money beforehand on expensive ice-jackets and clothing and also don’t carry a three month’s supply of toiletries with you. They will easily be available in the countries visited and also much cheaper.  

The best way to carry money with you is using a credit or debit card. It is also wise to keep a few British pounds or American dollars stashed away in a secret place for those unforeseen expenses.           

1.4.3       Method of Payment

Once accepted, individuals must meet these financial requirements before they can participate as a team member:

.A deposit of 30% must please be paid before 1 DECEMBER of the year leading to your expedition.

  • The cut-off amount of 60% must please be paid before 10 JANUARY 2015 in order to purchase flight tickets and to cover the administration fee (Clothing, accounts, etc.).

  • The remaining balance of 40% must be paid before the starting date (1 March 2015), or proof of debit orders must be supplied.

  • You will be held accountable for the full amount agreed upon for the expedition according to the actual budget. See Financial Policy

Although GCEX holds the right to partially sponsor certain applicants at their own discretion, participants who don’t reach these financial commitments will not be able to partake in the expedition. If participants run out of funds during the expedition they will have to return home or continue in faith.

See Termination of Agreement for more information on this.





Bank:                        ABSA
Account Name:        Global Challenge
Account Number:     9206958383
Branch Details:        31 Da Gamma Road, Jeffrey’s Bay, 6330, South Africa
Branch Code:          334515
SWIFT Code:           ABSAZAJJ (For International Payments)

Payment options: Up front or monthly?

We encourage all participants to raise as much funds as possible before the start of the journey. Once the journey is in process contact with supporters will not always be so regular and keeping an eye on your finances can be a difficult task.

We encourage that each participant will recognize his/her role in the corporate ownership of the group’s finances. We encourage participants to think further than their own finances and attempt to raise as much funds as possible for the group.

Proof of debit orders are needed for participants not able to make once off payment.


            1.4.4       Raising Financial Support

Team members are encouraged to raise their own financial support. A support letter for this purpose will be made available.

Although the raising of financial support is a sensitive subject to most people, it can also be an amazing witness of Gods provision and faithfulness. Share your vision and calling with friends and family and make your needs known. It is also a good idea to ask your local church as most churches have a mission-fund.

Always try to meet with people rather than sending letters. You can always give an additional letter supporting your request. It is of utmost importance to give regular feedback and updates on how you are and what God is doing in the ministry.

Donations can be received in four different ways:

1.4.5 Online payments using our International Bank Details

Churches, friends and family can set up once off or monthly payments on their own using their personal internet banking accounts. They must be certain to put your initials and surname as reference.

Please use our International Bank Details provided above.

1.4.6 Payments over the counter

Payments on your behalf can also be made directly into our account at any bank worldwide. Please use our Bank Details provided above.

           1.4.7 Secure Online International Donations via our PAYPAL account

To make an international payment visit www.paypal.com and select the “make a payment” option. Follow the easy instructions on their website.

Use the email: paypal@gcex.org, and select “services” for international payments. We recommend this payment method since it is the quickest and cheapest way to donate internationally.

To make your payment online in Dollars, click the donate button below.



          2.1 How much does it cost to take part in one of the journeys?

The cost of our year journeys currently lies between R69 000 and R99 000 ($6 900 - $10 000).

            2.2 How do we determine the cost of a year journey?

Four factors determine the budget:

-       Setup Costs

This refers to all expenses made on our behalf to set up your entire journey. This will include flight tickets, phone calls, website, training, etc. 

-       Per Country Budget

Based on previous years’ experience a “Per Country Budget” is estimated for the countries you will visit during your journey.

-       Administration Fund

15% of the given budget will go towards administration cost. This includes compensation for full time staff, office expenses, etc.

-       Development Fund

Money from this fund will be used at the discretion of leadership to further Gods Kingdom and give equal opportunities to applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds applying for any of our journeys.

             2.3 Project fund year target:

In an effort to encourage saving during the year, an additional project target will be handed to the year teams. Each team as a whole will be responsible to construct a project and raise sufficient funding for that project.

Many of our now permanent projects was birthed this way ex. Niger food project in Africa (R60 000 for 2010 and 2012), India orphan project (R30 000 yearly 2010 to present) Thailand building project etc. and currently support local initiatives on a sustainable basis.

         2.4 How does the 60% deposit work?

A 60% deposit must be paid by all successful applicants at a specified date before the start of each journey. This lump sum will be used to cover the initial costs of flight tickets and administration.  Participants should ensure that the deposit is paid on time as a failure of payment will result in termination of agreement between you and GCEX.

Note: When communicated to us and in special circumstances exceptions to this rule will be made at the discretion of leadership.

          2.5 International Students

It is our desire that participants from every tongue and nation will have equal opportunity to take part in one of our journeys.

          2.6 The cost of your journey depends on country of income

The reason for this difference in payment is so that members from more affluent countries will partly support underprivileged and less fortunate members than themselves. For GCEX to become a true international organization with true recognition this process of giving equal opportunities is critical

 The sliding cost scale for GCX 2014* is as follows: 

Category A country of income – R 86 900.00 (ZAR, Brazil, Croatia, BIH, etc.) 

Category B country of income - R 106 900.00 (USA, UK, NZ, AUS)

We have sought to respond to the economic differences of our potential students through a sliding scale depending on average income levels of the nation you come from. We have found this to be the fairest way to address economic differences. 

We base our charges for GCEX Expeditions on our budgeted expenses and by taking into consideration the national average Per Capita Income (PCI) of 208 countries.

These countries are assigned to one of three categories based on the PCI:

Category A – Countries or territories with a PCI between US $0 - $10,000
Category B – Countries or territories with a PCI of more than US $10,000

For a complete list of countries and the category they are assigned, please contact our office.

*PCI categories will be allocated according to your country of income in the year prior to your participation.

          2.7 How does the “Cost of Journey” differ in practice?

-       A 15% Administration Fee is subtracted from all participants.

-       Additional money raised by participants from more affluent background will be paid into the development fund after the 15% admin deduction has been made on the total amount.

-       Money paid into Development Fund will in all cases be that amount that needs to be subtracted to ensure all participants start on the same budget after the 15% deposit is paid.

       2.8 What is the Financial Model for money managed in teams?

Our aim is to set a system that will allow participants to grow in the area of finances and give as much responsibility as possible to them.

-       At the beginning of each country an amount specified by the Budget per Country will be paid into each teams account.

-       The amount paid in will still be determined by the total amount raised by participants in that team. In other words. The money paid in might differ from team to team because of the funds raised by individuals in a team.

-       No distinction will be made within a team between a participant who has fully paid there account and a participant who hasn’t. All members are equal and money paid in should be spent corporately to carry the team through their country of ministry.

-       Teams will corporately take ownership for managing money entrusted to them.

-       At the beginning of the year training will be given by GCEX on how teams should administer their money.

-       Decision making power within the team lies with the Team Leader and Financial Coordinator.

        2.9 How does the financial structure work and what are the different roles?

The Financial Manager (Function from Head Office in South Africa)

-       oversees all finances of GCEX

-       emails financial updates to individuals

-       communicates directly with Financial Coordinators on the different journeys

The Team Finance Coordinator

-       is responsible for managing all finances on a specific journey

-       is the gateway between head office and team members

-       reports all questions or comments back to head office

-       handles all individual queries on team

-       receive and process all expense sheets

-       Report back to Financial Manager after each country.

-       is responsible for daily updating and registering all cash flow on expense sheet

-       carries teams wallet

-       manages and oversees all team funds

-       is responsible for safe keeping of all receipts

Team Members

-       must keep record and inform Coordinator of all expenses made on teams behalf

-       must help collect receipts

-       take corporate responsibility for team fund

        2.10 What do we do when donations are received on an expedition?

-       Participant who receives the donation must immediately record the donation on donations card. Date, personal details of donor, reason for giving money must be indicated.

-       Always open envelopes in the presence of other team members for your own protection.

-       If donations are given to a specific team member the money needs to go towards that specific team member’s account. If the team member has already raised all the needed funds, money will be directed to the greatest need.

-       Depending for what money is donated towards, it needs to be recorded and used specifically for that purpose.

-       Money not specified must be recorded and will be wired by Financial Manager to head office for distribution to where the greatest need is at management’s discretion.

Additional funds raised on an expedition:

Based on the principle of honouring the donor’s intent, no funds received in excess to the expedition cost will be refunded back to the participant’s personal bank account.

The participant will however have the following options to channel money towards:

-       - Participants Fund

-       - Project fund

-       - 2nd year fund

-       - Administration fund

No participant will be given money in hand, and you will only be able to distribute it towards the above options.

This allocation has to be made per email to the finance manager before the next financial year end of FEBRUARY. Funds will be allocated by trustee’s discretion after the above date.


Raising the funds

-       Take corporate responsibility

-       Raise more than you need to compensate for team members coming from lesser affluent support bases

-       Think of money raised as the contribution you are able to make taking into consideration your support base and background

-       Contribute to the corporate need and not only your own

-       When your target amount of journey costs are reached continue to raise funds for others

Use of money on the journey

-       Be generous

-       Freely you have received, freely give

-       Always choose cheapest travel, cheapest food and cheapest accommodation

-       Manage finances with integrity and be transparent

-       Always be able to give account for money spent.


GCEX is an experiential learning program. The International- and Project Leaders hold the right to terminate the journey of any participant not fully partaking in this program. 

Should participants choose or be forced to end a journey prematurely no refund will be given on expenses already made on their behalf. For example: setup costs, flight tickets, hotel deposits, etc.  If all costs for the whole of the journey are already paid by the participants, they will receive a 70% refund for the part that they are not completing. This will only come into practice once all other expenses have been paid in full. The refund will be calculated specifically according to the “Per Country/Per Day Budget” for a team member.


Participants that take part in any of our journeys do so out of their own free will and are fully aware of the risks involved. GCEX, all its affiliates, international partners and staff members cannot be held liable for any claim that might result from participation in any of the journeys. 

Routes, the numbers of countries and dates are all subject to change without prior notice.

The status of a journey is dependent on the number of successful applicants.

GCEX and all its affiliates are not liable for the death or personal injury of its staff or participants.

Participants and staff are subject to the conditions of carriage of the particular service provider.

GCEX cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage arising from participation in any of its journeys.

All participants partake out of their own free will.

The opinions and views of all participants and contributors to this website, its blogs, comments, emails and all other forms of communication arising from this site does not necessarily reflect the views and values of GCEX

Communication arising from this website will be monitored by GCEX for operational and protective reasons. See our Privacy Policy for more information.


Please direct any further inquiries in writing to our Head Office:

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