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Africa Meets Europe Expedition

Yes, Africa Meets Europe is our first short term journey that will focus on both North Africa and Europe! These two continents are just a short boat trip apart, but have such extremely different circumstances and are in desperate need of hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Countries of ministry:
Morocco and a European country

When is this outreach?

2 December 2017 till 18 December 2017

More information
Europe is majorly Catholic and Morocco is 93% Muslim. No matter how different these places might be from each other, God is at work in both and we want to join Him!

In Europe we will work alongside the local church as they serve and reach out to the people around them. This will include being involved in the church's weekly activities and working with young people in the community.

In Morocco we will, like in Luke 10, go out to the villages with hearts expectant to see what God will show us, and be ready to serve others with His love and truth! 

If you are a Christian with a heart and passion for Jesus and want to be His hands and feet in the nations, this is definitely the expedition for you!

Where does the journey start and end?
The journey will start and end in Pretoria, South Africa and participants will have to make their own way to Pretoria for the start of the journey.

Who can apply?
* Christians with a heart for the nations
* All ages and nationalities are welcome

*If the participant is under the age of 18 year when the travel commence, we will need an unabridged birth certificate, an affidavit from the parents giving permission for the minor to travel and certified copies of the parents' identity documents.

How much does it cost?

R17 900

What is included in the price?

The above costs include all expenses for your entire journey: travel, flights, food, lodging, ministry expenses and all other planned activities.

It does not, however, include your schengen visa, travel to and from the start and end of the journey, insurance, communications, entry into unplanned sights, spending money, etc.

Global Challenge Expeditions encourages a lifestyle of simplicity and participants will have to be willing to in every situation choose the cheapest way of transport, accommodation, etc.

* Itinerary is subject to change depending flight prices, political circumstances and the leading of the Holy Spirit

How do I apply?
Applications will open in January 2017.

* Step 1 Complete the Quick App below
* Step 2 Submit Application
* Step 3 Give time for us to respond to your application

One of our staff will assist and guide you through the rest of the application process.

Once you have been accepted into the selection process you will have to fill in a longer Second Application and also pay a non-refundable admin-fee of R200.

Closing date for applications

For more information about this expedition, please feel free to contact us.


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