A life with purpose.


It all happened 18 years ago, when God touched my heart and I decided to serve Him and He placed in it love for those who have not yet experienced His grace.

I remember exactly that day when God called me. I read Psalm: 138: 8 which says "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands" (KJV). Since then I clung more to Him knowing that He would guide my way.

My calling: THE MISSIONS

I grew up with biblical teachings and studies, I worked with children and young people for many years, but I needed something more.

God gave me a vision: to guide young people and prepare them for missions. But how could I do it? Then he told me through his word that he would equip me with everything I needed for this task, all I had to do was follow him.

Being a fisherman of men, wow! What a privilege! God placed in my heart to go to Africa and now I am in Southafrica so I believe that God brought me to this place to equip me. So far, nothing has been easy, I have had very strong struggles in all areas of my life, giving up my work, getting away from my family, leaving my country to a totally different place was not so simple but, now, I understand that it was part of the process. I am experiencing something new and I can see that day is coming, because everything God showed me years ago in dreams, now I am living it, God has been confirming step by step and I am sure that this is the time He prepared for me, to equip myself.

I feel myself like a bird, exactly like an eagle which flies towards the highest mountain, to renew its feathers which are worn away and did not allow it to fly, renew its beak and its claws that became curved and did not allow it to feed. This whole process is really hard. However, you can see the renewal of the eagle, now with new strength and God says that for those who wait on Him will get more strength (Isaiah 40:31). My strength and my vision are renewed in God so, now I can move forward!

The vision that God gave me was 2 years ago; it was about many young people getting ready for missions. The Lord gave me an image, a project, but I needed something more than it. A personal experience with Him. God opened the doors and I left behind that vision trusting in Him, it was not easy but God took care of everything.

This is how my Heavenly Father works with me; he gives me new strength and equips me with what is necessary for this mission, he started with the language, he taught me the true value of service to persevere; I climbed a very high mountain in which I could compare it to my life, he taught me about unity and teamwork and how to discover more about my identity in Him, to understand more clearly his purpose in me.

God is faithful, my confidence and security is in Him, my gaze is on the one who created me for a purpose. Rest in God who has absolute control in all areas of my life.


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